What is Otto?

OTTO is a communication portal between you and your snowsports instructors. We are professional snowsports instructors. We created OTTO because we wanted a better way to help our students learn and enjoy skiing and riding for life!

How do I use OTTO?

Simple. When you sign up, you only need to complete your OTTO personal profile or your child’s profile. Then select a snowsports schools in the profile. By reviewing your snowsports experience, goals and concerns, your instructor can personalize your lesson to your needs. After your lesson, OTTO allows your instructor to provide you with a lesson summary as well as video content or other media links related to your lesson.

Do I pay for OTTO?

No. OTTO is free to you as a student of participating snowsports schools. Your profile and lesson information, instructor lesson summaries, media or video suggested by your instructors are yours and remain part of your personal OTTO profile.

What does OTTO do?

Once you’ve completed a profile and selected a snowsports school, the school books your lesson and instructor. The instructor reviews your profile to better plan your lesson. After the lesson, the instructor provides a lesson summary. A summary can include written tips, video of your skiing or riding, or videos demonstrating a particular task or technique discussed in your lesson. After the lesson, you can also review your instructor. Your lesson history, instructor lesson summaries and your profile are all part of your personal OTTO profile.

Can any Resort view my Profile?

Your OTTO profile is portable and allows participating resorts and their instructors to view your profile. However, you control your profile and who can view it. So when you sign up for a lesson at a new resort, you must first add that participating snowsports school to your profile in order to grant the resort access to your profile.

How secure is my Profile?

OTTO uses secure encryption methods to protect your profile information. You authorize a snowsports school to review your profile when you select that school in your profile and book a lesson. Your profile is not available to all instructors at a resort, just your instructor and the snowsports staff booking your lesson. When you take a lesson at a new ski area, that school will be able to access your profile when you book that lesson. We’ve discussed security of your profile in more detail in our privacy policy page.

OTTO is a "real time" communication portal between your guests & your snowsports instructors and a tool to effectively manage your snowsports school. OTTO was created because we wanted to help your students learn and enjoy skiing & riding for life!

OTTO’s Guest Communication Benefit:

How do you monitor staff performance with guests? How do your guests value lessons? Would you like a tool that answers these questions?

OTTO’s designed to answer these questions and help your school sell more lessons. At its core, OTTO features in-depth profiles of your staff and your guests and a multi-media feedback function between guests, staff and the Snowsports School.

OTTO’s Profile Features for Instructors & Guests

  • Instructor Profiles – let your staff sell their skills and enthusiasm for snowsports to your guests. The instructor profiles allow staff to introduce themselves, their skills and certifications to your guests. The profile also allows staff to input their seasonal work schedule for staffing and payroll purposes.
  • Guest Profiles – Like staff, guests and/or their children have the fun experience of creating profiles too. These include their specific snowsports history, snowsports goals, other sports and activities, likes and dislikes, and some important & relevant questions about their health and fitness. The profile also contains the guest’s lesson history and feedback from other instructors. A quick & easy review of this profile before a lesson allows staff to tailor a lesson more efficiently and deliver more value to the guest.

Guests Response to OTTO’s Feedback Feature – It’s Outstanding!

What follows is an actual OTTO customer’s experience this season with lesson feedback: Lindsay received a lesson over the President’s Day weekend and her instructor Barb provided immediate feedback, and before and after videos illustrating Lindsay’s progress:

“Thank you so much! It was fun and helpful to be able to see the video and get the detailed feedback from Barb. It is nice then to be able to return to the account and review the feedback as much as I would like. It definitely allowed for an optimal learning experience for me.”

We surveyed guests at our resort partners and here’s what they thought:

  • Students were unanimous in praising the lesson feedback feature:
    • Over 85% found written feedback very important;
    • Over 70% found video feedback very important:
      • “I thought it was the single most important feature, it really helped to see yourself and what you were doing…”
      • “Most important. Extremely helpful.”
    • Over 85% found videos of exercises demonstrated in class important too.
  • Over 85% found their profile, including goals, and their instructors profile important to their learning experience.

Guests’ reaction demonstrates OTTO’s multimedia feedback function dramatically improves a guest’s view of lesson value!

OTTO’s Feedback Feature with Guests

  • Lesson Feedback - OTTO provides staff the ability for immediate lesson feedback to guests in an effective multi-media format. Simply type or dictate text on your mobile device, quickly download guest videos taken during the lesson, or videos from the web illustrating a technique or drill introduced during the lesson.
  • Guest Feedback – Want real time understanding of how guests view the lessons they receive from your staff? OTTO permits the guest to provide feedback to supervisors and school directors on staff lesson performance. No anonymous surveys, but actual input from guests on staff allowing unparalleled information for staff management.

OTTO’s Snowsports School Management Suite:

While designing OTTO we surveyed snowsports school directors and they asked us for a management tool. Since we had the information needed from our staff and guest profiles, we asked what features our resort partners needed to effectively manage their schools. OTTO provides the most important management features that our resort partners asked for:

  • Instructor Scheduling – Tired of collecting pieces of paper in the fall and creating staff schedules? When your staff creates their individual OTTO profile, they also enter their availability schedule for your snowsports season eliminating the need for a golf pencil!
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Calendars – OTTO’s dashboard provides you with your daily inventory of lessons, staff assignments, and staff available for lessons – again, all allowing you to get rid of the golf pencil!
  • Lesson Booking & Reservations – The heart of OTTO lies in swiftly connecting, electronically, your guests with their snowsports instructor. OTTO provides easy lesson booking for privates, groups and seasonal groups.
    • Using OTTO, staff can quickly view their schedules, upcoming lessons and past lesson history on any mobile device with cloud connectivity.
    • For increased sales, staff can book lessons with their guests on the hill at the close of that awesome lesson they just taught on your resort's slopes.
    • Guests can conveniently request lessons from their OTTO profile whether private, group or instructor requested privates. Let’s make booking lessons for guests easy!
  • Training – Why use separate software for training? OTTO allows for easy booking of staff training clinics and tracks staff training just like guest lessons, including clinician feedback. Just like on-the- hill booking, OTTO allows staff to book themselves for scheduled clinics and training sessions.
  • Daily Staff Reports – OTTO provides your supervisors and sales staff with reports of daily staff availability by discipline, instructors, lesson schedules and much more.
  • Payroll Integration – At the end of the day, OTTO captures staff and lesson data creating instructor revenue & payroll reports. This data can be easily downloaded bybOTTO to your payroll department.

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